Find a Group

Use one or more of the following directories to find a freecycling group, list, or service local to you:

    • Google - google "freecycle <name of your community>".

    • Buy Nothing Project - Originally a set of Facebook groups but now now an app. Had a growth arc similar to TFN but chose the right path to remain truly free.

    • Buy Nothing Groups - Directory to the original (and still functioning) buy nothing groups on Facebook.

    • craigslist - a classifieds service that also supports freecycling by allowing things to be given away in addition to being sold.

    • Freegle - a UK based freecycling service (freegling is the UK word for freecycling).

    • FreelyWheely - a freecycling directory/service that also has items for sale.

    • Marketplace/Oodle - a classifieds (for sale) service that also supports freecycling.

    • Nextdoor - a neighborhood-oriented social network that allows local freecycling along with other discussion. Started in 2011.

    • The Freecycle Network (TFN) - the oldest dedicated freecycling directory/service (note: TFN stumbled early on regarding FREE and LEGAL see History).

    • Trash Nothing - a large, popular freecycling service. Many independent freecycling groups moved here especially after Yahoo Groups ended.

When you first join a freecycle group or service, observe it for a while to see how it operates and verify it is a real freecycle site -- you can usually tell by the nature of the posts. If you see a lot of people giving and receiving items for free, you've come to the right place. It's up to you to pick a group (or groups), large or small, in which you are happy to freecycle. You may participate as little or as much as you wish.

No group near enough or think you can run a better one than currently exists? Then create your own using one of the services above.


    • The group directories and services listed above are outside of Freecycle Forever. While we link to them we are not responsible for their content or policies. Please contact the relevant owner of each if you have issues with any of them.

    • If there is a significant freecycle directory or service that is missing, please send it to

    • Freecycle Forever is a general educational resource about freecycling and not an individual group directory service. We do try to list ALL of the major freecycle directories. Thanks!

Services that now seem to be defunct:

    • EduCycle - a classifieds service that also supports freecycling for educators & businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dead link as of 5/2/2016.

    • FreecyclePlus - a freecycling service that had a cool user interface. Placeholder site as of 5/2/2016.

    • FreeFong - a freecycling service started in 2016. Website no longer around as of 2022.

    • - a freecycling service. Cannot reach site as of 10/15/2017.

    • FreeSharing - a directory to freecycling groups. Domain for sale as of 10/15/2017.

    • FreeUse Network - a directory to freecycling groups. Cannot reach site as of 10/15/2017.

    • FullCircles - a directory to freecycling groups in Canada. Domain for sale as of 10/15/2017.

    • Recycling Group Finder - a large directory to freecycling groups worldwide. Cannot reach site as of 10/15/2017.

    • Reuseit Network (RIN) - a directory to freecycling groups. Now seems to be an Indonesian gaming site as of 6/26/2020.

    • Sharing is Giving - a directory to freecycling groups. Current notice that this directory is shutting down as of 10/15/2017.

    • Yahoo Freecycling Groups - Where freecycling first started. A directory of groups. Yahoo Groups was the original hot bed for freecycling (and many email discussion groups) but the service ended most operations in 2019 and completely shutdown in 2020.