About Us

Freecycle Forever is a non-profit association run exclusively by volunteers at near zero cost. It is dedicated to educating people about freecycling so that as many as possible can freecycle -- on their own or in concert with others.

The foundation of freecycling is about giving unneeded things away for free so our world can be a better place. It's good for us, good for our neighbors, and good for our world.

Freecycle Forever strives to be a model of freecycling by using a minimum of resources to get the job done and freely giving away as much as possible. Freecycle Forever educates people on how to freecycle and find a group.

We are so low budget that we are not interested in being a funded charity. We practice what we preach, freecycling was meant to be free. We run exclusively on volunteer power. We are ad free and we do not accept monetary donations. If you are in a donating mood, please donate to Wikipedia or the Electronic Frontier Foundation -- two groups that supported us when we were in need.

Original creators of Freecycle Forever: