New TFN Logo

At long last Deron Beal and TFN admitted to its members that it could no longer use its original graphic trademark anywhere in the world because it did not have the rights to do so. New Vision Technologies informed Deron Beal of this situation on Oct 11, 2006.

From: freecyclederon <>

Date: Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 4:32 PM

Subject: [FreecycleModeratorUpdates] NEW LOGO POLL UPDATE


Dear Freecycle Volunteer Mods,

Ok, back in December I promised you more information regarding our trademark / logo. While it took longer than I would have hoped, I'm glad to say it's time for an update.

Ok, so as a refresher our current situation is this:

- We don't currently have trademark protection in the USA on the term "Freecycle".

- The owner of the copyrighted artwork (guitar and bicycle) in our current logo does not wish for us to continue using it (at all, anywhere).

...[section removed about voting for a new logo]...

Thanks and I hope you all look forward to choosing a new logo as we are!