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Salvager Dali

"Freecycle" as a verb has reportedly been in use since
1987. See
It says:
freecycle (v.) - Neologism Profile
Word freecycle
Part of Speech v.
Etymology [< free & recycle.] Used on KSAZ-TV (US/AZ)
January 2005. Common usage in Toronto, Canada by 1987.
Possibly coined by 'Salvager Dali' (David Hoekstra) of
Toronto who was known for his streetside and
theatrical salvage work. Hoekstra built and maintained
a literal warehouse of 'freecycled' items that were
used mainly as props for theatrical, television and
movie production.
Definition To give items away to others rather than
throw them away, typically using an online network to
coordinate the transfer.
Submitted By Jeffrey Henning
Date Submitted Sunday, January 09, 2005
Updated By Michael Farnsworth
Date Edited Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Description Of Update Heard it being used in 1987 and
since then personally.
Date To Headline Monday, August 29, 2005