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Create a Group

The best way to create an online freecycle group is to watch one that is well run and then copy it.

Here are some groups that you can join or leave at will and whose materials (documents, etc) are free for you to "freecycle" (i.e. reuse). Please note that these groups have explicitly placed their materials under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license so that others can safely reuse these files for free and forever.

We recommend that you:
  • Use Yahoo Groups (it's still the best/easiest at the moment).
  • Go to Yahoo's Start a Group and put your group in the Recycling category.
  • More detailed instructions can be found at
  • Keep your group local (within an area that people are willing to travel to pick things up).
  • Right size your group (groups usually work best when they have tens to hundreds of posts per month - consider having sub groups within a big group territory to give members more local options -- but it is totally up to you).
  • Keep your workload manageable by minimizing the number of groups you moderate and/or getting co-moderators you trust.
  • Put "freecycle" and/or "freecycling" in your name or description (so your group can be found more easily via Google).
  • Mention your location on your home page (city/state/country) (again so your group can be googled).
  • Publish a freecycling etiquette document for your group (write your own or copy a free one and modify it from one of the above groups).
  • Get your group added to one or more of the freecycle directories at Find a Group to make it easier for freecyclers to locate your group (please note that these directories may or may not have additional requirements for your group to be listed). Freecycle Forever itself also maintains a list of active independent freecycling groups.
  • Join if you need additional advice.
  • Please add a link back to Freecycle Forever to help educate everyone about freecycling and increase our mutual search engine ranks.
  • Relax, have a good time, and let moderating be an easy and enjoyable experience.
Alternatively, follow the guidelines of one of the directories or services listed under Find a Group to create your group. These other directories/services often provide additional sources of help as well.

P.S. If you believe your group is a model of freecycling, your materials are free for others to reuse, and you would like your group listed as one that others can copy, please email Thanks!
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